GYMNASTICS CLASS Information for Tiny Tots and Pre-K

All of our lead gymnastic instructors hold an instructor membership thru USA Gymnastics. Therefore, all instructors have successfully completed a background check thru NCSI, completed Fundamentals and Safety & Risk Management Classes thru the USA Gymnastics’ School of Recreational Gymnastics. Students can register at any time with prorated fees. Students that are excelling in their current enrolled program can move to the next level once evaluated by their instructor; certain skills must be mastered in order to advance. Classes are a month to month tuition with student skills evaluated regularly. Personal skill charts will be passed out at end of every month along with instructor recommendation.  


Annual Membership Fee per Family is $35. The Membership Fee is required to be paid in order to enroll in any classes, except Fitness, and is paid in addition to the monthly class tuition. It is payable at 1st enrolled class and is renewed annually on December 1st.




AGE 18 mo–3 1/2 yrs OLD, CO-ED: Parent Participation is Required

Class time:  45 minutes$50 PER month

Our Tiny Tots program is an entry level class for toddlers! To help maintain safety, it is required that a parent or guardian “participate” in this class with the child. Designed around fun & fundamentals, this class will help toddlers understand basic instructions such as standing in line, waiting turns, following directions as well as stretching, jumping, bending & other fine and gross motor skills. We encourage adults to stay positive with curious behaviors and non-participation. It may take a toddler 2 class sessions of observing before they feel comfortable participating – the observation stage is considered participation.

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AGE 2 ½ - 5 yrs old, Co-Ed:   (No parent) Beginning Preschool

Class time: 45 minutes / $50 PER month 

In this beginners class we will focus on following directions, flexibility, stretching & balance. This class is also designed around fun & fundamentals. We will introduce body control and progressions. Your child will be challenged with age appropriate circuits & exercises to help their bodies develop the strength and flexibility needed to be able to advance to the next level class.


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AGES 4-7 year old, Co-Ed: Advanced preschool/kindergarten +

Class time: 60 minutes / $65 PER month

This class will challenge your gymnast with balance, flexibility & strength exercises. We will encourage fun while focusing on fundamentals as we continue to develop body control, introduce advanced equipment and add more progression skills to continue to advance.


***a liability waiver must be signed by a parent before    participation of a minor can occur. all classes must be paid in full prior to the start of class.***